LED lighting are saving businesses money!


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Energy efficient lights are brightening up the workplace, and making business owners happy. Not only do LED’s save energy and money, they also provide a natural looking light that is less straining than the light produced by CFL lights. In addition to these benefits, LED lights also last longer than any other lights and is virtually maintenance free.


The LED T8/T12 four-foot hybrid tube light (pictured above) is the most common light being installed in businesses today. These lights are replacing the old fluorescent tube lights. When comparing T8 LED lights to T8 fluorescent lights, the benefits of LEDs are glaring.


To start, LED lights are about 75% more efficient than fluorescent lights and unlike fluorescents, LEDs contain no mercury, which means they are safe for the environment. LED lighting does not get affected by turning on and off like fluorescents do. This makes LEDs optimal for lighting used with control systems. Contrarily, fluorescents tend to burn out faster when working with controls and occupancy sensors. Unlike fluorescent, LED lights also have full dimming capabilities. Durability is also a problem with fluorescent lighting. LEDs are shatterproof and are made of plastic and aluminum, while fluorescents are not, and breaking a fluorescent light can be dangerous because of the mercury contained in them. Additionally, LED light on average, can last about 50,000 hours while the fluorescent lighting only lasts 2,000 hours on average. Finally, the quality of light produced by LEDs are far superior to fluorescent. LEDs do not have any flickering issues like fluorescent lights have, and the constant flickering of fluorescent lighting can lead to health problems such as migraines. Also, LEDs offer directional light, illuminating the area you want or need light, while fluorescents have multidirectional light, meaning light is lost in the fixture and other unnecessary places.


More businesses are changing their lighting to LED and saving money. Not only does LED lighting lower energy bills but it also provides employees and customers with the best quality light. In return, this increases productivity, sales, and provides the business with a great atmosphere. Visit our website, UpstateLED.com or give us a call at (800) 331-4250 for more information.