What is The Role of A Facility Manager?

Facilities management varies somewhat from one organization to another.  However, the core responsibilities are to ensure a good working environment while maximizing efficiency and minimizing expenses.

Here is how we help you with your position:

Upstate LED’s goal is to help you improve work environment, maximize your facility’s efficiency and minimize your lighting cost and expenses:

  1. Good Work Environment:

A. Upstate LED understands the value of a good working environment.  Our LED products provide clear, crisp and consistent lighting.

B. Upstate LED lighting has more illumination than typical T8 & T12 lighting.  Our high bay products are far superior than mercury vapor and metal halide lighting.

C. Upstate LED lighting have no ballast therefore:

  • No ballast humming
  • No flickering
  • No inconsistent colors

D.  Upstate LED lighting no eye straining vs. standard lighting.

E. LED lighting reduces your carbon footprint and is a pro green product.

2.  Maximum Efficiency:


A.  Upstate LED is one call for all your LED needs.

B.  We handle lighting analysis

C.  We handle all aspects of rebates and incentives start to finish.

D.  Upstate LED handles installation and warrantee issues in house, which means no subcontractors.


Upstate LED is UL approved, DLC approved and energy star rated.

Our LED lighting is explosion proof, food and health approved and shatter proof.



The longevity of LED lighting is 10 times longer than the typical T8 and high bay lighting.

Upstate LED warrantees our LED lighting for 3 years if any issues, all in house.

3.  Minimizing Expenses:


A. Upstate LED customers enjoy a 75% reduction in energy lighting cost.

B.  Our low LED lighting wattage and ballast removal give you the greatest reduction on your electric bill.

C.  Results in reduced demand charges.

D.  Upstate LED fully covers your labor and material for 3 years.

E.  Maintenance cost are greatly reduced by the life expectancy of our LED lighting and by Upstate LED’s ballast removal process.

F.  Upstate retail customers realize an increase in sales due to a better lighting environment.

G.  Upstate LED lighting provides a better customer experience and work environment for your employees.

….and we have the customer base to prove it.


Help us help you.  Contact us today for your free analysis. 800-331-4250