About Us

December 8, 2011

Upstate LED, Rochester NY & Raleigh, NC

Upstate LED, LLC is a LED retrofit Specialist in the Rochester, NY area serving upstate NY and Raleigh, NC.   Our mission is to Save our Commercial customers energy and therefore save them money.

We have found the greatest results in energy savings for our commercial customers is LED lighting.  Therefore our Rochester NY electrical contractor focus is sales and installation of LED lighting to our commercial customers. We do our best to provide a turn-key solution for our customers where we proved the best LED products at the best prices.  Then, we do all installation and upgrades to LED lighting in house.  We also handle any of the rebates or grants available for our customers.  The results are a reduction in energy consumption for lighting by 75% from the existing.  In addition, improved working conditions by upgrading to Residential LED lighting are realized.  The results we have proven are not only a large reduction in electric & energy as well as better lighting, in addition, our retail customers experience increased sales on products.  Our customers also realize reduced demand charges on their utility bills.  We truly have a win-win situation with our customers coming out on top!

We have also branched out and opened a satellite devision of Upstate LED, LLC in Raleigh, NC

We have been providing Energy Saving products to our customers since 2009.  We added LED lighting to our business model with awesome results. We are pleased to provide our commercial customer with the better lighting and great energy savings that adds to the bottom line.

Key Highlights:

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