LED Commercial Cooler & Freezer Lighting

LED Commercial Cooler & Freezer Lighting

LED Lighting can Boost Food Sales

It is important to pay attention to how consumers respond to store environments and if their responses affect consumption.   Commercial refrigerators and freezers should integrate seamlessly with retail environments to make shopping pleasant for customers.

Good lighting is the unsung hero of commercial refrigerators because when it works it often goes unnoticed.  However, bad lighting can affect the appearance of the food in a commercial refrigerator therefore result in unpleasant shopping experiences for customers.

Understanding how light affects food products displayed gives insight on how to appeal to consumer attitudes and behavior.

The science behind LED lighting in commercial refrigerators

There is a science behind display lighting in commercial refrigerators.  Light sources are classified by their color temperature which is simply a description of the warmth or coolness of the light.  Kelvin is the measurement for light.  The lower the Kelvin, the warmer the light(or more yellow in color), whereby the higher the Kelvin, the cooler the light (or more white in color).

Shopping is a visual task that is performed better with cooler light because of the higher color contrast the light produces.  The higher the visual contrast, the easier shopping because food products stand out on the shelves better in the coolers and freezers.  So, it is important for retailers to maximize lighting in the commercial refrigerators to maximize sales.

How LED Lighting helps Sell Food.

LED lighting inside commercial refrigerators makes products easy to see.  If a consumer can easily see inside each unit, inventory has greater likelihood of selling.

In addition, we have shown where customers do NOT open the refrigerator and freezer doors with our LED lighting nearly as much with poor lighting because they can actually see the products.  This results in more energy savings for the store owner.

So with our LED lighting, we reduce energy by removal of ballast consumption, lowering energy use with more efficient LED lighting and lower energy by keeping the cooler and freezer doors closed.

We upgrade old commercial refrigeration units and freezer units with powerful LED lighting.  This makes the commercial refrigerators look new again and lights up the product beautifully.

Take a look at our gallery page to see the before and after of some of the grocery stores we have upgraded with new LED lighting.

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